Stakeholder Cafés

Cafés and Focus Groups

ClearPath provides planning and facilitation of stakeholder cafés and focus groups for clients to gather input from their stakeholders, communities, employees and/or customers on any subject, initiative, issue, challenge or plans.  Our facilitators bring extensive experience facilitating sessions with stakeholders and participants from all walks of life, many nationalities and cultures, and at all different levels of private, public, community and volunteer organizations.

We utilize a proven multi-step process for preparation, planning, facilitation, analysis and documentation, and recommendations that is easily adapted, as required, to meet the specific needs of each client.  Preparation begins with defining the client’s objectives for the session(s), reviewing context and background information (through documents and discussion), development of criteria for participant selection, plus development and review of a preliminary path for café or focus group discussion.

That is followed by planning which includes development of a more detailed outline for the session with special attention to:

      • Ensuring maximum engagement by all participants
      • Maintaining the energy level of the group
      • Ensuring appropriate reflection and consideration by the participants
      • Identification of information that will be used as context and input

Additional ClearPath café or focus group preparation services are available, as required, and can include identification and invitation of stakeholders, communication of support material required, facility/room preparation and set-up.

When it comes to facilitating the sessions, ClearPath consultants are very relatable, bringing an excellent ability to quickly understand the context in which individuals and the group are operating, and use terrific communication and listening skills, combined with a genuine interest in understanding different perspectives, concerns, beliefs and ideas.

Discussion details are captured for each session, and then synthesized and analyzed.  Findings and recommendations are documented and presented to the client, providing meaningful guidance for their path forward.