Why Re-brand?

ClearPath Business is the new name for The Cherkas Group (TCG).  Recently, our group conducted a strategic review of the business, our clients and the work that we’ve had the opportunity to do on our clients’ behalf over the last ten years.  We then looked at the challenges facing our clients across many sectors, and how we can best help them navigate the waters ahead to achieve their goals.

Our review revealed two key things.  First, in almost every client engagement, no matter the sector or stage the business is at, whether it’s a local business or an multi-national enterprise, our work involves helping bring enhanced clarity for our clients – clarity around their customers, their markets, technology developments, their position in the market, their industries, their competitors, their own operations, future trends and opportunities, anticipated threats and challenges.

Second, it’s not just clarity for clarity’s sake.  We utilize that enhanced clarity combined with experience across a diverse range of sectors and circumstances to develop an effective path forward for our clients – a path that is focused, practical, cost-effective and that will get them to where they want to go.

Sound exciting?  It is!  We get to work across a wide range of industry sectors, both private and public, domestic and international, to help people and organizations do great things, and achieve their most ambitious objectives.

In light of this renewed focus, we felt we needed a name that would reflect what it is that we do.  Hence, ClearPath Business.  The ClearPath team builds upon a track record of providing results-oriented, practical business consulting to Canadian and international organizations, and is even better positioned to meet our clients’ needs today and in the future.