Meeting Facilitation

 Meeting Planning & Facilitation

Whether our client organizations are focused on achieving short term goals to address immediate concerns or opportunities, or they want to achieve alignment on specific longer term objectives or initiatives, ClearPath provides trusted and experienced facilitation – to help our clients achieve their objectives while making the most effective use of their organizations’ time.

ClearPath offers a full menu of facilitation services, including development of meeting objectives, deliverables and agenda, through to facilitation of the meeting, documentation and implementation support.  We plan and facilitate every step of each process within the meeting as well as related details, freeing our clients to focus on their day-to-day operations prior to and after the session, as well on actual content (rather than process) during the meeting itself.

ClearPath brings valuable real-world experience and flexibility to effectively facilitate meetings groups ranging in size from 3 to more than 30.  We work with clients to understand their priorities and desired outcomes, engage the meeting participants, and translate those priorities into specific action plans, securing alignment and a strong sense of ownership for delivering tangible, measurable results.

While each client and their situation is unique, the first two phases of our engagements (planning and facilitation) typically include:

  • Understanding what the client wants to achieve in the meeting
  • Developing a practical roadmap for the meeting tailored to the client’s specific needs
  • Preparing for and facilitating the session to effectively achieve some, or all, of the following:
      • Introduce/generate fresh thinking
      • Ensure an improved and common understanding of context, issues and opportunities
      • Tackle challenges
      • Gain alignment on priorities and solutions
      • Define a path forward with clear accountabilities and timelines for next steps

The last two phases of the ClearPath methodology are documentation and implementation support, if required.  Meeting notes capture the path taken by the group including common learnings, ideas brainstormed, key input considered, and any prioritization(s), as well as decisions, agreements, action plans and accountabilities agreed upon, and other issues identified for further future consideration.

All four phases of our planning and facilitation methodology (preparation, facilitation, documentation and implementation support) focus on ensuring that our clients’ specific objectives are achieved and that their business extracts maximum value from the time their team has invested in the meeting.