Research & Insight

Research & Insight

Context is everything.  ClearPath utilizes Best Practices and proven methodologies in research to capture accurate and meaningful assessments, meeting the unique needs of each of our clients – including situational analyses, competitive assessments, organizational analyses, stakeholder mapping, trends, technology development maps and/or business case assessments.

We use a multi-stage process, that is adapted as required to meet each client’s specific needs. ClearPath begins with preliminary primary research through consultation with representative stakeholders, experts, leaders, and influencers as well as those on the fringe and adjacent sectors, to guide the next phase, in-depth digital research.  As the digital research proceeds, key findings are captured in a formal framework and analyzed, identifying relevant patterns, relationships, trends, shifts, issues and opportunities, which inform a more extensive second phase of primary research.   To ensure continued openness to data and information beyond the developing hypotheses, formal periodic 360-degree peer reviews of findings, analyses, sources, models, and potential recommendations to clients are conducted at key project intervals.

Clients are kept abreast of the research findings and recommendations throughout the process to ensure they see the overall picture as it develops.

The comprehensive framework and processes we use provides clients with complete and accurate context, as well as relevant, meaningful and actionable insights, to effectively guide their plans and strategies.