Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning & Approach

ClearPath brings extensive experience developing strategic plans for clients both domestic and international.  Our group has a results-oriented track record and uses a practical approach; partnering with client management to help them capitalize on opportunities, address their challenges and enhance their organizations’ performance.

ClearPath uses a comprehensive proven strategic planning framework ensuring:

  • The strategy is actionable and focused on the client’s objective(s)
  • Best available knowledge, innovation and thought leadership is used
  • Change management challenges are anticipated and addressed
  • Key internal and external stakeholders are engaged
  • Potential risks are understood and mitigated
  • Steps in the plan are practical, prioritized, and appropriately resourced
  • Tracking and reporting implementation is agreed upon

Lastly, we develop effective change management strategies to ensure the strategic plan is practical, “fits” with, and works in, the real-world situation on the ground.