Conventional Marketing

Conventional Marketing & Planning

The ClearPath team utilizes proven Best Practices, methodologies and technology in marketing, communications, and brand and business development to extend our clients’ reach and grow their businesses, both domestically and internationally.

Services include development and implementation of marketing plans and budgets, and the supporting capabilities, such as market research, market and competitive assessments, trend analyses, SWOT analyses, positioning studies, development of differentiated value propositions, performance measurement, as well as effective integration of conventional and digital marketing and sales when required, to support and drive growth.

ClearPath uses a comprehensive core proven marketing and business development planning framework ensuring:

  • The plan is realistic, actionable and focused on the client’s objective(s)
  • Best available knowledge and innovation are used
  • A differentiated value proposition that leverages the client’s strengths and capabilities
  • A clear outside-in approach that accurately reflects the voice of customers and the market
  • Steps in the plan are practical, prioritized, and appropriately resourced and quantified
  • Efficiencies and synergy across marketing channels are maximized
  • Linkages and alignments of other functions across the organization are practical and understood
  • Potential risks are understood and mitigated
  • Tracking and reporting of ongoing performance is both practical and meaningful

For clients who want to launch new entities/initiatives, the ClearPath team brings a proven approach for design and start-up of new ventures, that can be adapted to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring:

  • Use of best available knowledge, innovation and thought leadership
  • An open-minded and comprehensive environmental scan
  • Conceptual models/solutions to meet current and future needs
  • Creation of tangible growth in value by leveraging and extending strengths
  • A compelling vision, clear goals and timelines that provide meaningful guidance
  • Translation of entity design into specific required capabilities, resources and engagements
  • A clear action plan that prioritizes efforts appropriately for greatest value creation
  • Potential risks are understood and mitigated
  • Tracking and reporting of ongoing performance is meaningful and practical